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The challenge

Since 2016, MoCo has been shaking up the cocktail world as the go-to partner for cocktail catering and a preferred supplier for hospitality businesses. With their playful branding, they quickly won many hearts, but they wanted more: conquering the retail sector with a professional, refined look.

MoCo came to us with a clear mission: to be ready for the big leap into retail. We took on the challenge and strategically repositioned the brand. Both visually and in terms of identity, we provided MoCo with the essential ingredients for a complete makeover that matches their ambition.

The case

The complete rebranding started with an appetizer: an in-depth strategic analysis of the retail sector. We hit the right spot with minimalist branding and created a brand guide as the foundation. With these insights in hand, we transformed MoCo’s renewed style into a captivating new design for the cocktail bottle. Remes went a step further by designing an intriguing gift box, providing technical guidance during production as well.

The new logo is an ode to the art of cocktails. The letters flow into each other like mixed drinks, while the letter "M" rests firmly on a base shaped like a cocktail glass. The slanted "o" letters add a touch of aesthetics, used as a brand element throughout the entire branding.

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The result

Never skip the toppings! We completed the rebranding with a perfect mix of authentic and aesthetic brand elements. From a refreshed logo and slogan to an impressive website and business cards, catalog design, labels, social media posts, and breathtaking brand photography.

MoCo is now more than just a name; it’s a statement. A brand that stands for quality, craftsmanship, and the perfect blend of flavors and refinement. A brand that not only remains beloved in the hospitality industry but now also shines on retail shelves. Ready to captivate every cocktail lover.

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