Boes & Verrue

New brand for financial firm where history gives color to the new brand image. Back to green, to be seen!

The challenge

Boes & Verrue, corporate auditors from the financial sector, aims to support companies on their adventure in a personal and qualitative way. With over 30 years of experience in audit & corporate auditing, accountancy & tax services and consultancy and advice, the company aspires to match your growth ambitions and instigate to an efficient and long-term cooperation.

The case

Boes & Verrue approached Remes during the preparations for the acquisition with the request to develop a new corporate identity. A powerful new corporate identity with the purpose of clearly communicating to customers and relations that a new chapter has started. At the same time it has to be an opportunity to focus on a different dynamic within the development of the company. The idea was to create a more modern look, fitting in with the financial services area, that keeps evolving along with their increasingly diverse target group.

In a constantly evolving financial industry, Boes & Verrue wanted to develop accordingly with a more modern look. Inspired by the ‘&’-symbol and referrals to the last names of our client, the logo for their new corporate identity was born. The colors give the logo a professional feel and a young flair. The point at the end is a reference to successfully finalizing a project with their client. This key element is an always returning element through their brand identity.

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The result

Keeping in mind the industry they operate in, which is corporate financial services, they wanted to bring a younger look that grows with the generational change in leadership. that matches the demands of the market.

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