Go Forest

Planting trees with impact.

The challenge

Go Forest is a young company that takes a future-oriented approach to inspire both individuals and businesses to think and act more sustainably. Together with structural partners, they offer accessible and transparent solutions to plant trees with a positive ecological, social and economic impact to work on reforestation.

The case

Remes was engaged by Go Forest for their social media. Based on a strong intake and brainstorm session, and a thorough analysis of their existing Instagram page, we proposed a hands-on plan including social media design adaptations and a new bio proposal. We created new content every month in line with previous posts to keep it recognizable and enjoyable as you scroll through their feed.

We monthly published 18 posts, which consisted of 2 rows graphic design, 3 photographic rows and 1 row reels. Remes also edited and created various reels. By using templates for their stories and designing certain posts graphically, we created a unified look on Instagram.

Go Forest LinkedIn post by Remes
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The result

A more professional look was applied to Go Forest's social media which generally appears to be more appealing and in line with their message to the outside world.

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