Deluxe Distillery

Outstanding drinks. For people who love to stand out.

The challenge

Deluxe Distillery is a small Belgian craft distillery that is raising the bar for mixologists while also lifting the spirits of cocktail and liquor lovers alike. They export three highly exclusive brands all over the drinking world: handcrafted Blind Tiger Gin, premium Mary White Vodka and a seriously sour cocktail mixer Sūpāsawā.

The case

Remes was asked to create a recognizable brand identity for their social media while also keeping the drinking world entertained with distilled content. Premium is what distinguishes Deluxe from others and so we adopted this in the look and feel of the content.

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The result

By immersing ourself in the world of spirits and mixology, we could lift all four brands to a higher level on social media. Various cocktail and liquor lovers now identify themselves with the brands and share their passion for experimentation.

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