Brands are living, breathing entities with personalities, goals and values

Oriented to brands, high-end, print and digital. We are a full-service agency working with a wide variety of brands and industries. We work closely with all of our clients to tell their story in an engaging way by creating outstanding experiences and products.

Our creativity comes from your "why".


Brand Design
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity

Creative concept

Social media feed + design
Motion & video graphics
Signage + environmental
Magazine + print work
Digital design

Our mission

Combine your offerings with a robust brand story that makes your audience feel good & builds lasting trust.

Every time we present our final product to the customer, it's an overloaded feeling knowing that our team has just handed over a creation that didn't exist before. Uniqueness is what drives and passionates us.

From start-ups to great big corporates

Our perfect type of client has a meaningful goal, mission and a crazy idea.

Our team

Anjo Wychuyse

Creative Director

Founder of and the driving force behind Remes. Pursuing her goals with an adventurous boldness and a passion for strong brand stories, she always strives to be the best version of herself. As Creative Director, she has the drive to spark new things, transformations and solution-oriented outcomes.

Warre Dijckmans

Graphic Designer

Warre provides graphical support on every aspect of your brand creation and development. Ranging from web design to 3D animations to logo creation, he is a jack-of-all-trades in graphic design. The close involvement in the whole process combined with the great connection with Anjo boosts his creativity to the max.

Strong brand stories, which are emotionally magnetic and also uncomfortable, do three things very well.

  • They are unapologetic about their point of view
  • Broadcast a story strong enough to repel people
  • And immerse themselves completely in the story

Brand promises

Storytelling that
fits the brand

Your brand shines. It exudes quality, a story that rings true, it contains a well thought out strategy and it is based on market research.


During a branding process at Remes, we like to challenge brands and openly question certain facets. The timing allows us to do the same for all sorts of things related to the visual story.

No brand leaves our company without us making the most of the opportunity. A transformation that results in a stronger and more powerful message. The changemakers, nice to meet you.

Experience Brand Marketing

We make the whole process as pleasant as possible. Currently, it's in the details when you receive your notepad and writing pen, the way we welcome you, and the way we present our products and designs...

But starting this year, we're taking it one step further. Soon we will house everything in an experience space where you can simply see our work up close.